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Women's lingerie is a piece of intimate fashion clothing essential in women's daily lives. It is essential for all clothes to fit well and for women to feel comfortable throughout the day.

For some time now, lingerie for women has ceased to be simply a piece of underwear in order to be a piece that conveys security, elegance, comfort and power. That is why it is so important to wear a beautiful women’s lingerie in your day-to-day and not only save it for special occasions. Special moments happen every day.

Thus, women's underwear is the most important part in the women's closet, as it increases their self-esteem. After all, which woman does not like to feel powerful and sexy in her underwear. However, underwear for women also plays a major role in shaping the female silhouette, as women’s lingerie accentuates the a lady’s curves: a sensual and sexy body makes for a more defined waist and enhances the hips, while a push up bra raises the breasts accentuating the entire chest area. Make women's lingerie a constant in your daily life and feel more confident in your relationship, in your work life or at any time in your life.

At SevwLingerie, we are aware of the importance that women's lingerie has in women's life and especially in their wardrobe, so we group models of elegant and sexy women's underwear for all preferences and moments in a woman's life.

At our online lingerie wholesale store, you will find a wide range of lace lingerie sets in various colors, from the most sensual and sexy ones like black lingerie and red lingerie to the most classic ones like white lingerie; you will also find the sexiest lingerie, such as corsets and garter belts; the most erotic lingerie like bodystockings; the most daring accessories like nipple cover, and much more...

Surprise yourself with the lingerie for women that SevwLingerie has for your customers and make them feel more powerful and confident.


  • Babydoll

    For the vast majority of women, bedtime is the most anticipated part of the day, whether to get some rest or even to be in good company.

    During sleep is when we recharge our batteries, so it is essential that your customers choose a babydoll or chemise in which they feel beautiful, comfortable and sexy, as they then wake up with a better disposition which will undoubtedly improve their performance the next day.

    Nowadays, your clients, even having their styles and preferences, are very fond of buying beautiful chemises or nightgowns to feel good about themselves or sexy babydolls for special occasions and moments.

    Explore the different models of babydolls and chemises. Whether they are short or longer or made from delicate fabrics like satin or cotton; they always look sexy and sophisticated, so that your clients can feel pretty and comfortable everyday.

    But also, if you are looking for women’s lingerie for unique moments or special occasions, you can choose babydolls with transparency, with warm colors like red or more classic ones like black or white.

    Whatever the style or intention of your customers, at Sevwlingerie wholesale warehouse you will find the perfect lingerie for women.

  • Corsets

    Corsets are a frequent piece in the world of women’s lingerie, that currently ended up also entering the world of outerwear fashion for being a beautiful garment and creating a perfect look.

    It is a piece of sexy lingerie that shapes the female silhouette, makes the waist look more elegant and the curves more accentuated.

    There are more or less rigid models of corsets, bodices or bustiers, with different patterns and very varied colors.

    Do not forget that a corset goes perfectly with some garter stockings. Your customers will be delighted.

    So, following the latest fashion trends, give your customers the possibility to renew their look.

    Explore the full range of corsets that the Sevwlingerie online wholesale store has for you and surprise your customers with the quality and beauty of our corsets.

  • Panties & Thongs

    This piece of women’s lingerie is present in every moment of our daily lives for numerous reasons, from protection of the intimate region to hygiene issues. So it is very important that comfort is privileged.

    Cotton panties are very comfortable to wear at work, on the other hand, boxers underwear are ideal for wearing with a tighter dress, as they do not leave any panty lines.

    But, when we talk about seduction, your clients are probably looking for another type of lingerie; sexier and more provocative. They are looking for thongs, g strings, open crotch panties, lace lingerie or sheer underwear.

    That is why, at our online underwear wholesaler store Sevwlingerie you will find a wide variety of women’s underwear like panties and thongs, in a wide variety of colors, prices and the best quality ever, which will certainly match the needs of your customers.

  • Body

    The lingerie body or teddy is a fundamental piece of woman’s lingerie in any woman’s wardrobe. It is a very versatile piece that suits various styles and looks, perfect for any season and any body shape.

    The female bodysuit accentuates the woman’s silhouette. There are countless lingerie body models for any time and for all tastes.

    If your clients are looking for a more sensual and sexy model, the bodysuit is the right choice. A red bodysuit is a good option if they want to show off all a most sensual and sexy look. They can also opt for transparencies to further enhance their erotic and sexual side.

    However, if they are looking for something more delicate, a lace body with silk details provides a touch of perfection to any body or teddy.

    Even more, one should not forget the most remarkable moments in any woman’s life, namely their wedding night, and so, a white bodysuit is the perfect wedding lingerie that any bride must consider for this occasion.

    It should be noted that the lingerie body has for some time ceased to be simply a piece of intimate clothing, to be used in a hidden way. Today any bodysuit can be on display. It is the ideal piece to combine with a skirt or pants giving a modern and sensual look to the woman.
    In addition to all this, your clients will love the lingerie teddy, as it has a fundamental role in the body, they help to shape the entire female silhouette and help on hiding that unwanted tummy that women hate so much.

    Body lingerie is essential in any woman’s wardrobe. Surprise your customers with the various models of women’s lingerie available at SevwLingerie wholesaler.

  • Catsuits & Bodystockings

    Are you ready to increase your clients' seductive power? Bodystockings and catsuit are the perfect women’s erotic lingerie pieces for that.

    Catsuits and bodystockings are full-length sexy lingerie pieces that shape the entire woman’s silhouette, making it slimmer and more harmonious. They can be used under the clothes as women’s underwear or on their own coupled only with a pair of high heels to seduce a partner.

    In addition, bodystockings and catsuits are the epitome of femininity making any woman look and feel more beautiful and very sensual.

    Explore our wide range of catsuits and bodystockings available at Sevwlingerie, created especially for the bolder woman, and those in complete harmony with the female figure. Surprise your customers with these highly provocative women’s lingerie pieces: from those less revealing models but with a lot of transparency, to models with side openings to give more elasticity, from black catsuits that give the illusion of a slimmer waist and elegant silhouette, to red bodystockings for a more provocative and sassy look.

    Whatever your customers desire is you will find the ideal women’s lingerie at Sevwlingerie lingerie reseller store.

  • Vests and Sleeves
  • Costumes

    Taboos about sexual norms are changing. Nowadays, women are more daring and unabashed about their sex life. Before, the want for sexy costumes were left at the back of women’s minds, but nowadays these subjects are easily spoken about and practiced a lot among couples.

    The most sought-after costumes are that of a sexy nurse, a french maid, a police outfit and devils costumes.

    But, there are still the most daring and erotic outfits like hot flight attendant, female soldier and school girl lingerie.

    Explore the various sexy costumes models that exist at our online lingerie wholesale store. Give your customers the possibility to fulfill their most secret fantasies and unleash their imagination with a sexy lingerie costume.

  • Dressing Gowns

    Dressing gowns are an accessory that adds a certain glamour to women’s lingerie.

    The robe is also a perfect piece of clothing to relax at home or to enrich a sexy lingerie or even pajamas look.

    It is ideal so that your customers do not feel untidy at home, and on the contrary, feel always perfect and at ease.

    At the Sevwlingerie store, online reseller of women’s underwear, you will find a wide range of Dressing gowns models: long or short; perfect for pajamas, nightwear or babydolls; made of cotton or satin for different moments.

    In addition, all robe have a belt that when tied at the waist makes it look slimmer, enhancing the female silhouette.

    Explore the dressing gowns models at Sevwlingerie. Make your clients feel relaxed, comfortable and sexy with this piece of lingerie.

  • Nipple Covers &...

    Nipple covers are a women’s lingerie accessory for bold and irreverent women. It is the perfect accessory for your customers who want to spice up their relationships with their partners.

    Easy to put on, nipple covers will give your clients a very sexy look.

    Check out the existing nipple cover models at the Sevwlingerie reseller store and transform your customers.

  • Sets

    A women’s lingerie set is important in the daily life of any woman. It is the first piece of clothing that they put on and the last that they take off. Women’s underwear is the basis for all other garments to fit well.

    Nowadays, it is no longer just women’s underwear, it has become a piece of women’s lingerie that conveys security, comfort, elegance and self-esteem.

    Therefore, it is essential that you have beautiful lingerie sets in your store, so that your customers can choose the ones that best suit their style and preference.

    At Sevwlingerie online wholesale store you will find a wide variety of lingerie sets. Two-piece lingerie sets (panties and bra), three-piece lingerie sets (thong, bra and garter belt) and much more. As for the colors you will find from the most traditional ones like black lingerie, red lingerie and white lingerie; to the most daring and bold like blue, purple and patterned.

    Delight your customers with the quality and variety of women’s lingerie sets that Sevwlingerie has for you.

  • Sexy Dress, Clubwear

    Sexy dresses or clubwear are perfect for a private party or a night out.

    This piece of lingerie for women will leave your customers’ with more seductive and more sexy  curves.

    The sexy club dress enhances the woman’s curves and highlights every part of their body. It is a very tight dress that help to make your customer’s look irresistible.

    Explore the clubwear sexy dress category and find a wide range of seductive models: from shiny, sheer dresses; to those seductive mini dresses with deep necklines.

    Indulge your customers with this sexy and provocative feminine lingerie that Sevwlingerie has.

  • Tights

    Tights are fashion accessories synonymous with femininity. This piece of women’s lingerie is very versatile and is the eternal ally of women on the coldest days or else to compose a more refined look.

    In this way, all your customers will have to have one or more tights in their underwear drawer.

    Besides, your customers know that sophisticated tights transform women’s legs by making them look thinner, more elegant and attractive.

    Tights are delicate and elegant pieces of lingerie for women that enhance the feminine figure, as they highlight the entire leg and hip area. In this way, this very sexy ladies lingerie is perfect to match all styles of dresses, a shorter or longer skirt, or even some shorts.

    Tights are the piece of women’s lingerie that every woman needs in her wardrobe. With that in mind, the online lingerie wholesaler store Sevwlingerie has a wide range of tights, from the most classic and discreet to the most daring with different designs.

    Explore the tights category and surprise your customers with unique tights and truly spectacular designs. Your customers will be very pleased with this piece of women’s lingerie.

  • Stockings

    Garter stockings are a classic in women’s wardrobes. They are a fundamental piece of ladies lingerie for a more sensual, sophisticated and elegant look. They are also a great choice to use with a lingerie set or a bodysuit.

    But stockings are also a good option for your customers who want to surprise their loved ones. With some black stockings, your customers can reached the peak of seduction, while red stockings will be great for a special occasion, like Valentine’s Day. White stockings, on the other hand, are a great complement for a bride’s lingerie.

    At Sevwlingerie, our wholesale lingerie store, you can find top quality stockings in different colors, models and details. Marvel your customers with beautiful stockings that they can combine with any type of women’s lingerie sets.

  • Leggings

    Leggings are an essential piece of lingerie in a woman's wardrobe, as they are comfortable, practical and versatile. One can create various looks and styles with this piece of women's lingerie.

    To do this, simply combine a pair of leggings with different clothes and accessories. You can wear it with a skirt and with a tighter or wider sweater. Combine it with high heels or even sneakers. It is a piece of lingerie for women capable of satisfying any of your customers’ needs.

    Leggings highlight a woman’s legs, making them look longer, thinner and more attractive, while fitting perfectly to the woman's body.

    At Sevwlingerie, online underwear wholesaler, you will find several models with varied colors capable of satisfying the tastes and preferences of all your customers.

  • Bras

    The bra is the most important piece of lingerie and undoubtedly the one that is most used by women. That is because the bra helps to support the breasts, as well as shapes the bust.

    It is essential that your clients’ lingerie drawer has several models of bra for various moments and occasions in any woman’s life.

    For this reason, it is important that your customers have an assorted models like: the padded bra, as it is ideal for daily use; some push-up bras because they help to shape and raise the breasts; the more low-cut models; the strapless bras; or those with very thin straps.

    It is also essential that your customers add lace bras to their women’s lingerie collection as they are very sexy and attractive.

    Another aspect to take into account when choosing this intimate lingerie is the colors. Nude bras are the best for transparent and light clothing, while black bras are essential for some moments and occasions. The blue or red bras are great when you want to feel more sexy and elegant; and the white bras are a classic for all brides and for any woman's day-to-day life.

    Thinking of your customers, Sevwlingerie also has at your disposal a variety of women’s lingerie so that you can expand choice power of your clients and promote cross-selling.

  • Swimwear

    When temperatures start to warm up, women start thinking about their trips to the beach or the pool. The desire to buy swimwear begins.

    Therefore, it is essential that your customers can have access to the latest swimwear fashion trends in the world in order to choose the ones that best adapt to their body and situations.

    Dark bikinis or swimsuits are perfect for those with fair skin while the lighter and brighter colors are great for those who want to highlight their body curves.

    Explore all models of swimwear and surprise your customers with the high quality of women's lingerie, as well as the high variety of swimwear models available at our online store.

  • Garter Belts

    The garter belt is a piece of lingerie for women that love to dare and feel sexy. This piece of women’s underwear is synonymous with sensuality and is an indispensable accessory in your customers’ lingerie drawer.

    Garter belts are extremely versatile, so it is necessary to know the different existing models in order to choose the ones that best adapt to the tastes and preferences of your customers.

    Thus, there are the tighter models that reveal the entire body silhouette and the wider models, perfect for shaping the waist and hiding that dreaded belly fat.

    In the same way, there are more elegant and sensual models that show the whole woman’s body, as well as those more classic that resemble a mini skirt, while still being sexy and erotic.

    But the important thing is that your customers feel more sexy and powerful when wearing this piece of underwear for women.

    Another point to take into account, when buying lingerie garter belts is the colors and details.

    The white garter belt is very popular for wedding lingerie. It is the secret to spice up any couple’s wedding night. Red garter belts lingerie on the other hand are widely sold for special and romantic occasions, such as Valentine’s Day. However, the black garter belt is always in great demand because it conveys all the sensuality and seductive power of women.

    So, explore all the garter belt models available at SevwLingerie and delight your customers with all the details and colors of this unique women’s lingerie.

  • Gloves & Hats

    Accessories such as gloves and hats are important to bring sexiness and elegance to any woman’s lingerie set.

    A pair of gloves, whether they are made of satin, mesh or have floral prints, add a touch of refinement and sophistication to a woman’s appearance.

    On the other hand, hats can bring a more vintage and mysterious style to your customers’ look.

    Explore women’s lingerie accessories at Sevwlingerie online lingerie reseller store and give your customers the chance to choose the perfect accessory for their most intimate moments.

  • Pajamas & Sleepwear

    The end of the day is a long-awaited moment for anyone, whether to rest or to enjoy some romantic moments. Therefore, choosing a comfortable sleepwear without compromising on charm is very important.

    Another aspect to take into account when choosing pajamas or nightwear is the season. The freshest and lightest ones, such as chemises and babydolls are ideal for summer. On the other hand, in winter, your customers can choose cotton pajamas with 3/4 pants or longer nightdresses.

    Explore all the pajamas and sleepwear that our online lingerie wholesale store has so that your customers can have a good night’s sleep with sweet dreams.

  • Erotic Lingerie

    Visit our section of erotic lingerie and get to know the most spicy and sensual models. In Sevw Wholesale Lingerie you can find sexy underwear for your store.