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Men’s underwear is no longer simply a piece of clothing protective and hygiene functions. More and more, men are starting to look for elegance and comfort. Underwear has become an important accessory in every man’s underwear drawer.

If in the past they were usually looking for simpler models, nowadays this is no longer the case. Men, in addition to valuing quality, now select their underwear according to their style, their taste, and also the moments and occasions of their daily lives.

But the main function is still hygiene and protection, so underwear for men should be light, soft and also resistant to outerwear. Nowadays, men are more concerned with their appearance, which is why they increasingly use men's t-shirts and undershirts under their clothes, thus preventing sweat marks from passing to the outer garments and becoming visible to everyone.

Men are also starting to more often choose bold and daring models for their moments of seduction. They can opt between boxers, slips, thongs, jockstraps, g-strings and briefs, in more classic colors or printed models to always be at the height of men’s undergarments fashion.

Thinking about the new male ideals in regards to men’s underwear and being always alert to new fashion trends, Sevwlingerie, an online wholesale store, has a wide variety of underwear for men so as not to disappoint its customers.

Explore all categories of men’s underwear and choose those pieces that will make your customers happy.


  • Gentlemen String

    Men’s briefs are an essential garment for any man, not only for the sake of hygiene and comfort, but also for elegance and style.

    In the men’s underwear market there is a wide range of models and colors. From slips to briefs, from strings to jockstraps. Each with its own style to meet the needs and purposes of each man.

    Therefore, it is very important to know how to choose the ideal underwear model for each man, in order to enhance the attributes of their body in the best way.

    Brief underwear are the most classic models, great for comfort and well-being, facilitating movements. They are usually made of cotton.

    On the other hand, gentlemen strings and thongs are bolder models that are perfect for an atmosphere of seduction, as they are pieces with little fabric highlighting all the intimate parts of the male body.

    Invest on different models of underwear to best surprise your customers. Explore the entire category of men’s undergarments and show your customers models like slips, stings, thongs, boxers and undershirts.

  • Gentlemen Shirt

    The undershirt has a fundamental role in the daily life of men’s underwear, it is the symbol of comfort and protection for men.

    In hot weather season, gentlemen shirts and t-shirts are a great ally for men as they prevent sweating and more intense odors from coming into contact with the skin or other clothes. When the days are colder, the undershirt helps to maintain body temperature.

    Thus, the undershirt is essential for the man who has to spend the whole day outside and maintain a careful presentation.

    Explore our gentlemen shirts models and dress your customers with more comfort and protection on a daily basis. Enjoy and see also the other models of boxers and slips that you find at the Sevwlingerie wholesaler store to satisfy your customers’ needs.

  • Gentlemen Boxer

    Boxers are a model of men’s underwear that adjust to all types of men’s bodies, whether tall, short, fat or thin. They are perfect for any occasion, whether at work, traveling, or even playing sports.

    Gentlemen Boxers are very practical and good looking piece of underwear, bringing many advantages to men. They are very stylish and comfortable male underwear, as they are made of elastic fabric allowing them to fit perfectly to the male body, not being over-tightening or too wide. Therefore, they are comfortable and leave any man feeling good while wearing their men’s underwear.

    In addition to comfort, boxers for men are made of breathable fabric which allows sweat not to accumulate in the most intimate areas. In some models, this type of men's underwear is longer, avoiding chafing and discomfort between the legs. Other models have a higher side that allows the man to hide any extra belly and enhance other aspects of their body.

    Boxers are the model of men’s underwear that women appreciate the most, with many considering this type of underwear very sexy and provocative, because it leaves the hips and thighs in full evidence, thus valuing the male body.

    So, gentlemen boxer briefs are an aid, with regard to seduction and the elevation of man’s self-esteem.

    Thus, help your customers. Explore men’s boxer models of different sizes and colors at the Sevwlingerie reseller store. Do not forget to also see the models of t-shirts and undershirts as well as men’s slips thus composing the underwear look of your customers.

  • Gentlemen Jockstrap
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